Musher magazine covers everything: European, American, Canadian mushers, past and present, the work of the racing organizations, the dogs, the equipment, the tourism, the race calendar, the history of the past. mushing in Europe and across the Atlantic. Everyone has their place in the discipline and at Musher Magazine, regardless of your race ranking, your type of dog, your federation, we will talk about you in order to uphold the values ​​of the musher and the dog.

More media coverage of our discipline in order to allow an exchange of information flows on each side of the ocean to make the uninitiated want to love our passion like us and allow you to become unbeatable on each question related to past history and presents sled dog.

As a child, I was fascinated by the husky and I dreamed of the adventures of Roald Amundsen who crossed Antarctica with his dogs or Paul-Émile Victor, these polar explorers who marked the history of the conquests. Adventurer at heart, I traveled the world before later realizing this dream of owning my own dogs, Siberian huskies. Deep inside, I slowly wake up this desire to cross the most hostile regions and one day to participate in the mythical and prestigious Iditarod in Alaska: the apotheosis for long-distance mushers